Are you a ...

Workaholic? or


Always busy, yet feeling STUCK?

I see you and I offer you ...

The Tightrope Framework

Training course

Achieve your goals with ease! Balance Life and create INNER CALM

The tightrope framework course is for you if you ...

Know what you want to achieve but keep taking 1 step forward and 3 steps back!

Are balancing competing demands in your life

Face workaholic burnout

and you want to:

  • Explore all your dreams and goals in a clear and concise framework

  • Feel fulfilled with responsibility and free of guilt

  • Understand AND overcome the barriers and limiting beliefs that makes achieving them more difficult

  • Tap into an inner knowing and personal strength to support a path of change

  • Receive guided coaching each step of the way

The Tightrope Framework course includes:

9 modules with video lessons (value £1997)

Downloadable worksheets for each lesson (value £99)

Tap along audios for each section to cleanse and re-wire your nervous system (value £900)

BONUS material on how the brain reacts to trauma, introducing EFT and how inner child work supports healing (value £300)

Private Facebook community for additional support and LIVE group calls (value £300)

That's over £3300 in valuable content, all yours for just

My mission

My mission is to work with high achieving burnout professionals seeking personal wellbeing and to BALANCE LIFE as a:





I support ANYONE struggling with competing demands to cultivate inner peace, and tap into their core strengths so you feel empowered to confidently tackle any challenges that come your way.

We are all balancing on a personal tightrope

Discover the power of your inner strength to balance life and achieve with ease

The tightrope framework is a step-by-step program that will support you to map out your goals, identify your strengths and take action from a value-based perspective

Take the first step now and start feeling the positive effects of having a renewed inner calm and sense of purpose.