My mission is to support multitaskers and workaholics to FIND BALANCE

  • fall asleep each night knowing you're enough

  • wake up with a peaceful knowing

  • feel strong and solid with a lightness of heart

  • manage competing pressures and demands

  • prioritise yourself ... guilt free

Join my program to receive the tools to tap into this wonderful experience

It’s not about time management or finding space in your diary.

It’s about emotion management and creating space in your head and heart.

This will not involve a fancy diary. Or a check-list. You will not join a forum that drives you crazy in your pursuit to be perfect.

I want to work with individuals who strive to get joy in their career and want time to take pleasure in their family life AND have the time to do the things they love, JUST FOR THEM

This is all possible from the techniques I've learnt and a framework I've developed to support stressed out multitaskers and workaholics to balance life and achieve their goals with ease.

It’s something you CAN achieve.

What's in the program?


I coach you through a transformative process. That releases the cycle of stress and self destruction. We will release the pressure of letting anyone down. Identify a pathway to joy. And stop putting yourself last!

Through coaching and using my techniques you will still be able to get what you need done and take time for YOU.


With my social work experience, systemic therapy training and Emotional Freedom Technique practice, I am able to safely hold and explore trauma. The inner child work is the most powerful part of my practice whereby we uncover and heal the root causes of stress, overwhelm, frustration, chaotic tasking, procrastination and anxiety. So you can boldly take action into the future and feel proud about each step forward.

The program includes techniques for:

  • releasing the beliefs driving the chaos

  • clearing the emotional burden of guilt

  • addressing your inner critic

  • freedom from anger and frustration

  • increasing motivation for self-care

The Tightrope Framework course

If you choose to join me for coaching then you will get the tightrope framework as a course.

Go deeper with lesson modules accompanied by videos and downloadable audios and tapping scripts for all 9 sections.

Together with a private Facebook group with LIVE group calls.

Valued at over $3300

This program is not about journaling, where you are alone in your own mind. Sure, you can still do that if you like. But in this program you get coached each step of the way, with me being your biggest cheerleader.

This program is not about getting a fancy diary planner. No matter how many stars or check-boxes or tick-lists you might crave, to achieve a true inner calm and pride in your strengthes, we need to get to the emotional charges driving you in all directions. To release the spinning plates and juggling.

So if you are ready to seek the freedom and balance you deserve, register here for a free consultation call



44, mother and wife

"I had never tried EFT before and didn’t know a lot about it, but when the opportunity arose I decided to give it go. I found Roberta very professional and easy to interact with. I felt no difficulty in expressing my feelings and thoughts with her, even in the first session.

I was surprised and blown away with how in the very first session deep emotions were identified.

It was amazing how easily I could see and feel how some past experiences/emotions had affected me most of my life. Working with Roberta using EFT was such a cleansing experience to let go of and to heal some past wounds. It felt safe and contained. So simple to apply and so effective.

I would highly recommend Roberta as an EFT therapist to anyone ready to work through and let go of emotional stress."


I worked with Brenda for 6 months.

Click on the video above to hear what she says.

In this video she shares the following …

  • Roberta has worked with me with such understanding and creativity.

  • After each session … I feel like a new person and invincible

  • I feel blessed to have Roberta as part of my growth


"Working with Roberta has been such a game- changer! She’s helped me deal with sexual trauma, one of the biggest causes of emotional eating for me.

I love how she always created a safe space. I also love her outside the box thinking.

She always had some new insight or idea that could help me grow. I’m very grateful to Roberta for not only helping me heal but also teaching me something new every session.

Working with Roberta is an amazing investment in yourself, I highly recommend it!"


"Roberta is a very kind and compassionate coach who always makes me feel safe and understood.

With her great skills and knowledge she never failed to find and heal why I was overeating.

She helped me dive deep to overcome cravings, emotional binge eating and even a slight addiction to binge-watch Youtube videos late at night.

I recommend working with Roberta to anyone who is ready to uncover their emotional root causes for overeating!"


"I found Roberta to be a skilled, insightful and compassionate EFT therapist.

I would gladly recommend her to new clients"

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if this is for me?

The tightrope framework workbook is for you if you:

Are unfocused, frustrated, overwhelmed, stretched and exhausted and you desire clarity and momentum to achieve in an area of your life. You have the motivation and capacity to work through the sections on your own to get results. You can access this now at

The tightrope course is for you if you:

Want to look at all of your goals as a professional, partner, parent/carer and person. You would appreciate videos and instructions for each section of the tightrope to explore your strengths, safety net, past experiences and triggers. You would appreciate tapping scripts for each of these areas so you can fully embed the changes you desire.

The coaching program is for you if you:

Need extra support, guidance, accountability and a personalised approach to experience a truly transformational healing process to claim your inner calm and strength. Want to go deeper into the emotional barriers, limiting beliefs or trauma triggers to release these to support your journey.

Do you offer personal 1:1 coaching?

YES. The 1:1 coaching sessions are with me and we can work on what you want to address and heal.

Places are limited for personal coaching so I can give my absolute best to you and have space to recover my own energy. So this offer is only available to those who can be fully committed to a transformation process and can afford the cost, time and energy required.

If you're not ready to commit to 1:1 coaching then you can still access the resources through my free content or the course.

What techniques do you use?

The most powerful modality that I use involves Emotional Freedom Technique (also known as tapping) particularly Inner Child healing work to address the root causes of overwhelming feelings such as frustration, anxiety, procrastination or exhaustion.

What is Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)?

It is recognised as alternative energy therapy that involves tapping on specific acupressure points on the body while focusing on a specific problem or emotion.

The idea is that this tapping helps to release energy blockages and balances the body's energy system, which can lead to a reduction in negative emotions and physical symptoms.

EFT can be done alone or with the guidance of a trained practitioner, and can be used to address a wide range of issues, from anxiety and stress to physical pain and trauma. It's important to note that while many people find EFT to be helpful, it is not a substitute for professional medical or mental health treatment.

What is inner child healing work?

The powerful methods I have learnt involves exploring limiting beliefs that you hold about your situation / relationships / expectations and barriers to success. We then find the source of these limiting beliefs with tapping and a unique process of going back to memories safely and with powerful healing for your inner child so you can claim inner power / grace / self-love.

How do you apply your social work experience in coaching?

While my career has been in social work, my offer is personal emotional freedom coaching.

I am so grateful for my ability to hear and hold trauma for others. Due to over 25 years of frontline practice in social work, I have been witness to some of the most painful childhood abusive and traumatic experiences and supported vulnerable children, young people and families to access a process of safety and empowerment.

Through my doctorate research I have been on a journey of appreciation for the experiences individuals navigate.

I have delivered training to social workers, foster carers and family support practitioners on trauma-informed practice and I have learnt how to teach powerful information about the brain and trauma and attachment - in an easy to understand format.

All of this experience is brought into my coaching that supports insight, empathy and connection.

What is the cost?

FREE option:

You can access the the tightrope framework introduction workbook with a free training video at You can also join the open Facebook Group by searching: The Tightrope Framework Community, where I provide content and tips.

Course option:

Be guided and supported through the tightrope framework as a course with nine lesson modules containing worksheets, insights, instructional videos, downloadable audios and tapping scripts. This includes access to a Private Facebook group for additional support and LIVE group coaching calls with me on different themes and ideas. Valued at over $3300 but yours for just $197 (USD). Go to the Tightrope Course tab to find out more.

Personal 1:1 coaching package:

Access nine personal and private 1:1 coaching sessions that will support you through the ultimate transformational and healing journey. You can book these at a time and frequency convenient to you.

Pay a one off payment of $2700 (USD) and you get:

  • 9 one-to-one private coaching sessions

  • PLUS: the tightrope framework course

  • PLUS: personalised scripts that will be designed for you to use between sessions to continue releasing your unique blocks and enhance your personal healing journey

  • Ability to message me whenever you need to in between sessions for the 9 months of the program


Who wants to get shit done, have loving memory-making

moments with their family and have time for self care???